Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For the Smell of Books

Having just returned from the promised land (if you are under the age of 7), that is Disneyland Paris, MLF was surrounded on the Eurostar by the inevitable pile of battery-drained iPads, Kindles and iPhones.

Hidden behind which, was an even older and more drained heap, the parents (who knew a weekend could be THAT exhausting...).

Too tired to even lift a page of Vogue whilst taking some comfort from the bottle of Rose, staring at the i-Pile, MLF wondered could this be the end of reading paper books?

Having a life-long deep love affair with reading from big, small, new, old, wrinkled, fat and beautiful books, the thought horrified.  Yet the question remained in MLF's mind.  Would the MLF Juniors ever truly fall in love with the sensory experience of books - from the exciting opening of the first page, the feel of the beautiful bound spines, the smoothness of crisp white pages, to the heavenly array of typefaces in freshly printed black ink?  Or, would they continue forever more to be led, by the efficiency of a league of headmistresses, now the greatest loyalists, to be faithful followers of the new reading God, the Kindle?

MLF shudders. 

Thankfully, one little step towards inspiring (and indulgent reminiscing) has just been made possible with the launch of "Paper Passion", a brand new perfume that smells like a freshly printed book.

With packaging designed by Karl Lagerfeld and the perfume created by master perfumer, Geza Schoen, this little book with a little glass bottle inside, just might turn things around.

Now MLF just needs it in bulk to spray around carriage 11.

MLF Highly Recommends... 

As a fabulous Luxury Family Travel Must-Have to re-energise MLF Juniors to do their reading homework, instil a calm and relaxed atmosphere and by experiencing vicariously, reduce that somewhat guilty feeling of not having quite got round to reading all those holiday books

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