Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stars in Dior - A Luxury Family Travel Weekend to Normandy

Time for a family trip to Normandy.

Perfect for a history trip to see the World War II beaches, enjoy beautiful little seaside villages and sample wonderful local fresh seafood and now, between May and September 2012, for a visit to the childhood home of Christian Dior, "Les Rhumbs" in Granville to see a brand new exhibition of gowns worn by Hollywood legends.

On the ground floor of the museum, visitors will be treated to a special exhibit about Marlene Dietrich, a famously committed fan of the designer.  Dresses and outfits never previously seen will be part of this special exhibition.

Moving upstairs, the museum will focus on Christian Dior's role as a costume designer, with exhibits from his days working in film.  Accompanying the exhibition is the launch of a beautiful new hardback collectors book "Stars in Dior" published by Rizzoli which will be available to buy at the opening of the exhibition.

With his strategic objective to dress "only the most fashionable women from the first ranks of society", MLF cannot wait to book up a family weekend trip to Normandy with this little detour en route.

A Luxury Family Travel Weekend Guide to Normandy to follow soon...

Christian Dior House and Museum


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    Know the girls love the ipad for their trips so saw this and thought of you guys. Beautiful illustrations and best of all its free!


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