Thursday, December 01, 2011

Carry On Camping...Luxury Family Travel Style

On the upcoming annual family trip to Oz, MLF man is desperate to show off the beauty of the Australian Outback both night and day and is determined to take MLF camping.

Not being the most enamoured of the camping experience (done only once in the garden aged 12 which lasted all of 20 minutes until the euphoria wore off and the rainy cold set in), with 10 of the most dangerous creatures alive living in Oz today, either the tent has to be at least 10 feet off the ground or boasts an arsenal of weapons to fight off these predators before MLF even contemplates acquiescence.

Luckily, MLF came across the Bubble Lodge which is the latest innovation in portable and transparent living spaces (yes, you can come face to face with the small child-sized insects but they can't touch you...some would argue a bit like Great White Shark cage diving in Hermanus...).

Designed by Pierre Stephane Dumas at Bubble Tree for the ultimate in luxurious camping and the objective of getting as close as possible to natural surroundings, MLF rather likes the look of it.   Interestingly, there is a fabulous option to connect multiple spheres to create additional bedrooms or bathrooms to create quite a grand party pavilion (although in less remote areas, some might argue a tad  Big Brotherish). All are made of reinforced, ultraviolet protective plastic with wooden floors and the minimalist white furniture comes included.

With all that transparency in the middle of nowhere, MLF is wondering whether the act of getting changed and the ensuing panoramic wobbly view alone will frighten off that crocodile...

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