Sunday, November 27, 2011

Women at 70: A One-Stop Shop for Inspiration

After a highly successful day of vintage shopping (more on that to is vintage heaven here), MLF and co decided for a bit of evening entertainment glamour.

And downtown Palm Springs, it couldn't be more glamorous than the Palms Springs Follies set in the gloriously 1930s landmark Spanish revival theatre, Plaza Theatre.

With endless toned legs, beautiful Broadway singing voices and old-school charm and wit to die for, these chorus-line women, performing the brand new lavish re-creation of a Ziegfield Follies-type holiday season show "Hot! Hot! Hot!", with an average age of 70 years young, are beyond inspiration.

In an array of spectacular costumes, fabulous performances were delivered by the youngest Follie, Stephanie, aged 60, right through to Glenda (who has 7 children and 13 grandchildren) who is 78 years young (the eldest vaudeville male performer, Dick, is a sprightly 85...).

With the media's fascination with a woman's life after 40, this show proved that the so-called "fabulous at 40" are mere babes at the half-way point and personal style isn't about getting into those skinny jeans or dressing age-appropriate fashionably.  Rather, it is about believing there is no limit of human accomplishment regardless of age and, whatever age, celebrating your best assets - be it a wonderful voice, great dance moves or, if very lucky (and supremely hard-working), Broadway chorus-line like to-die-for legs.

From start to finish of this 3-hour very entertaining and energetic revue, delivered nine times a week and now in its 3rd decade and 21st season,  the message is that beyond the sequins, slapstick and support tights is the underlying premise is that it ain't over at 50, 60, 70 or 80.  It is the individual manifestation of every single cast member's personal belief that age is irrelevant in the continued practice of his or her own beloved craft.

Celebrating MLF's birthday, this was a joyful start to the weekend celebrations with a reinforced belief in the possibilities of being one year older...and, sadly, no excuse not to go to the gym to work on those thighs...

MLF Highly Recommends

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Palm Springs
California 92262
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